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Stored procedures
Functions of "InfoService" service
From version 17, this feature is not available anymore. To use Google AdWords, see the corresponding Google API: https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/start
Google AdWords proposes the "InfoService". This service is used to retrieve information regarding the use of Google AdWords API functions and their cost.
Several WLanguage functions can be used to manage this service.
Reminder: To handle the Google AdWords service by programming, you must necessarily use the Google AdWords APIs. These APIs have a cost associated to them.
WLanguage functions
The WLanguage functions used to manage the "InfoService" service are as follows:
GglAdWGetFreeUsageQuotaThisMonthReturns the number of free API units available during the current month.
GglAdWGetMethodCostRetrieves the execution cost of an API method of Google AdWords.
GglAdWGetOperationCountReturns the number of operations performed by the user during the specified period.
GglAdWGetUnitCountReturns the number of API units used by the user during the specified period.
GglAdWGetUnitCountForClientReturns the number of free API units used by each client of a Google AdWords multi-account account during the specified period.
GglAdWGetUnitCountForMethodReturns the number of API units used during the call to a specific method of the Google AdWords API.
GglAdWGetUsageQuotaThisMonthReturns the total number of API units available during the current month for the specified user.
Warning: Before using a feature linked to Google services, we strongly recommend that you check the license for using this service. Some restrictions may apply. The content of the licenses may change over time.
PC SOFT is in no case responsible for the way the native access functions are used. Make sure that you comply with the license of the service provider.
Caution: If you are using a proxy to access Internet, the proxy must be configured (Proxy) to use the Google functions.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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