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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to manage maps via the "Google Maps" service:
GglAddressToCoordinatesRetrieves the coordinates (latitude/longitude) of an address.
GglGetStaticMapRetrieves the map of a specific location via the Google Maps service.
GglRequestSends a communication request (HTTP request) to a Google service.

Warning: Before using a feature linked to Google services, we strongly recommend that you check the license for using this service. Some restrictions may apply. The content of the licenses may change over time.
PC SOFT is in no case responsible for the way the native access functions are used. Make sure that you comply with the license of the service provider.
Caution: If you use a proxy to access Internet, the proxy must be configured (Proxy) to use Google functions.
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The GglGetStaticMap function Unit examples (WINDEV): The GglGetStaticMap function
[ + ] Using gglGetMap to display a Google map in an Image control.
The GglGetStaticMap function Unit examples (WEBDEV): The GglGetStaticMap function
[ + ] Using GglGetStaticMap function to display a Google map in an Image control.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Errors that may occur in Maps not working:
A) in the Google developer environment, a valid credit/debit card must be registered in the billing method of payment. If you do not have a card that has valid usage data, it may also give an error.
B) environment changes may be necessary to create new api key.
C) the api is not ok, because for the maps it has a
Different web and mobile apis, minus watching an updated tutorial.
30 Aug. 2023
Erros que podem ocorrer do Maps não funcionar:
A) no ambiente do desenvolvedor Google deve ter cadastrado em billing meio de pagamento um cartão de crédito/débito válido. Se não tiver um cartão que esteja com data válida de uso também pode dar erro.
B) mudanças no ambiente pode ser necessário criar nova chave api.
C) não estar ok a api, pois para o maps tem para ambiente a
Web e Mobile apis diferentes, recomendável assistir um tutorial atualizado.
30 Aug. 2023

Last update: 06/22/2023

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