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Stored procedures
Creating an RSS reader
WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile allow you to produce and/or consume an RSS stream (Rapid Simple Syndication).
An RSS stream is used to produce (make available) a data stream in standard format. This data stream can be read (consumed) by an application.
A reader of RSS stream is used to display one or more RSS streams.
How to?
To read an RSS stream:
  1. Declare an rssStream variable. This variable will contain the information regarding the RSS stream to handle.
  2. Load the RSS stream with rssInitialize. The RSS Stream variable is initialized with the specified stream.
    MonFluxRSS is rssStream
    MonFluxRSS = rssInitialize("http://blogs.webdev.info/rss.awp?blog=supporttechnique", fromURL)
  3. Check whether the channel of the stream is valid and load it. For example:
    IF MonFluxRSS.Canal.Occurrence >= 1 THEN
    MonCanal is rssChannel
    MonCanal = MonFluxRSS.Canal[1]
  4. The content of the RSS stream can be displayed in a table linked by databinding to the rssChannel variable containing the entries of the stream (in our example, MyChannel.Entry).
Remark: We advise you to use:
  • FOR EACH loops to read the entries of a channel associated with a stream.
  • or manual loops using the Property Occurrence (usable on the rssChannel type to know the number of channels and on the rssEntry type to know the number of inputs).

Databinding and RSS stream

The Databinding is available for the rssXXX variables so that the RSS information can be displayed without programming.
Related Examples:
WD RSS Reader Complete examples (WINDEV): WD RSS Reader
[ + ] WD RSS Reader is a simplified example of RSS reader.
Among the available features:
- importing an OPML file / exporting streams into an OPML file,
- arranging RSS streams in folders,
- automatic update,
- 2 display modes of posts,
- "standby" folder containing all the "not read", "favorites", "today", "yesterday" posts.
WM RSS Reader Cross-platform examples (WINDEV Mobile): WM RSS Reader
[ + ] This example is a reader of RSS stream for the Android and iOS devices. This application allows you to follow the features of your favorite streams. This reader supports the images containing a post as well as the links toward an external site. Furthermore, it also included a system for managing the favorites.
WW_RSS_Stream Training (WEBDEV): WW_RSS_Stream
[ + ] This example explains how to read and display a RSS stream in a WEBDEV page via the RSS type and via the WLanguage functions for handling RSS.
A reusable control template is used to display the RSS data.
The RSS functions Unit examples (WINDEV): The RSS functions
[ + ] Using the WLanguage RSS functions.
These functions are used to read and create a stream.
These functions can be handled by specific types of variables: rssStream, rssChannel,...
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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