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CalendarPicker (Function)
In french: CalendrierSélecteur
Opens a modal dialog with a calendar to enter a date. A window allows the user to select a date in a calendar. This function requires no Date edit control and no Calendar control.
ResultDate is string
ResultDate = CalendarPicker()
ResultDate is string
ResultDate = CalendarPicker("20090101", "Choose a date:")
<Result> = CalendarPicker([<Initial date> [, <Window title>]])
<Result>: Character string or Date variable
  • Date selected by the user in YYYYMMDD format,
  • Empty string ("") if the window was closed by the user via the "X" button.
<Initial date>: Optional character string or Date variable
Date displayed by default in the calendar (in YYYYMMDD format).
The date of the day is selected by default if this parameter is not specified or if it corresponds to an empty string ("").
<Window title>: Optional character string
Title displayed in the title bar of the window for selecting the date.
Related Examples:
The Calendar control Unit examples (WINDEV): The Calendar control
[ + ] Four methods for using the Calendar control:
- Using the Calendar control found in the WINDEV toolbar
- Using CalendarOpen and CalendarPicker as well as CalendarSelect (multi-selection)
- Using ..CalendarButton
- Using BankHolidayAdd
Component: wd290obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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