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Stored procedures
Constants for the assisted replication
ConstantDescriptionUsed by the function
replicaImmediateThe replica is immediately created, during the synchronization. This replication mode can be quite long but it guarantees to be updated from the master database.ReplicSynchronize
replicaPeriodicThe replica is created after each synchronization. During the next replication, the replica that was previously created is automatically used. This replication mode is fast but it does not guarantee to be "entirely updated" from the master database.ReplicSynchronize
replicaNoProgressBarFrom version 190044, a progress bar is displayed by default during the synchronization. This progress bar is adapted to the current platform.
This constant allows you not to display the progress bar and to restore the previous behavior.
This constant can be combined with the replicaImmediate and replicaPeriodic constants.
replicSynchronizationRequestDateDate of last synchronization request.ReplicInfo
replicSynchronizationDateDate of last synchronization.ReplicInfo
replicExistChecks the existence of the replication.ReplicInfo
replicInitializedChecks whether the replication is initialized.ReplicInfo
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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