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A "multi-touch" feature is a technique allowing the user to interact with a device via several contact points (the fingers are used in most cases).
One of the most common applications of the multi-touch feature is used to handle images. The display size on a phone being reduced, it is often necessary to perform a zoom and/or to move in an image.
This technology allows you to zoom images with a pinch gesture.
WINDEV Mobile allows you to manage the multi-touch in the Android and iPhone/iPad applications via:
Multi-touch: Specific WLanguage functions
Several WLanguage functions can be used to manage the multi-touch in the following processes of controls:
  • Pressed/Left button down (optional process)
  • Released/Left button up (optional process)
  • Tap/Click
  • Double tap/Double click with left button (optional process)
  • Move (optional process).
These functions are:
GestureCurrentPointerReturns the pointer index (finger or stylus) that triggered the call to a process specific to the multi-touch feature in an Image control.
GestureNbPointerReturns the number of pointers in contact with the screen.
GesturePosXReturns the horizontal position of the pointer (finger or stylus).
GesturePosYReturns the vertical position of the pointer (finger or stylus).
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[ + ] This application is an example of some of the features of WINDEV Mobile available for Android/iOS.
The following system functions are used:
- Multimedia control
- Brightness
- Volume
- Wi-Fi
- Bluetooth
- Toast
- Compass
- Accelerometer
- Camera control
- Vibration
- Notifications
- Drawing functions
- Internet
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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