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A "multi-touch" feature is a technique allowing the user to interact with a device via several contact points (the fingers are used in most cases).
One of the most common applications of the multi-touch feature is used to handle images. The display size on a phone being reduced, it is often necessary to perform a zoom and/or to move in an image.
This technology allows you to zoom images with a pinch gesture.
WINDEV Mobile allows you to manage the multi-touch in the Android and iPhone/iPad applications via:
Multi-touch: Specific WLanguage functions
Several WLanguage functions can be used to manage the multi-touch in the following processes of controls:
  • Pressed/Left button down (optional process)
  • Released/Left button up (optional process)
  • Tap/Click
  • Double tap/Double click with left button (optional process)
  • Move (optional process).
These functions are:
GestureNbPointerReturns the number of pointers in contact with the screen.
GestureCurrentPointerReturns the pointer index (finger or stylus) that triggered the call to a process specific to the multi-touch feature in an Image control.
GesturePosXReturns the horizontal position of the pointer (finger or stylus).
GesturePosYReturns the vertical position of the pointer (finger or stylus).
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[ + ] This application is an example of some of the features of WINDEV Mobile available for Android/iOS.
The following system functions are used:
- Multimedia control
- Brightness
- Volume
- Wi-Fi
- Bluetooth
- Toast
- Compass
- Accelerometer
- Camera control
- Vibration
- Notifications
- Drawing functions
- Internet
Minimum version required
  • Version 17
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