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  • Enabling the formatting toolbar for the HTML controls
  • Feature available in AAF
  • Font used by default in the HTML toolbar
  • Disabling the HTML formatting toolbar
  • Using the HTML formatting toolbar
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Stored procedures
The HTML edit control: Automatic formatting toolbar
In the HTML edit controls, a formatting toolbar can be automatically displayed as soon as the control becomes editable. The formatting options are automatically managed.
How to proceed?

Enabling the formatting toolbar for the HTML controls

To enable the formatting toolbar for the HTML controls:
  1. Display the description of an HTML edit control.
    • WINDEV The edit control is an "HTML" control.
  2. In the "General" tab, specify whether the control is using an HTML toolbar:
      Selecting the display mode of formatting toolbar
  3. Validate.

Feature available in AAF

WINDEV In an HTML edit control, the end user can enable the formatting toolbar via "HTML formatting toolbar" from the popup menu of edit control.

Font used by default in the HTML toolbar

At run time, the HTML toolbar is initialized with the font, the size and the font attributes specified in the control description. This font can be modified by programming with the properties for font management.

Disabling the HTML formatting toolbar

To avoid displaying the "HTML formatting toolbar" option in the popup menu of the edit control, use AAFDisable (or DisableAAF) with the aafRTFToolbar constant.
Caution: This function will also disable the formatting toolbar of RTF controls.
Using the HTML formatting toolbar
WINDEV The HTML toolbar is as follows:
HTML formatting toolbar
This bar allows you to choose:
  • The font used and its size.
  • The font characteristics (bold, underlined, italic, strikeout).
  • The font color.
  • The highlighting color.
  • The characteristics for text alignment.
  • The characteristics of links.
  • The characteristics of images.
The keyboard shortcuts that can be used to format the text are as follows:
  • Italic: Ctrl + I
  • Bold: Ctrl + G
  • Underlined: Ctrl + U or Ctrl + _ (underscore, below the 8 key)
  • Struck out: Ctrl + - (dash, below the 6 key)
  • Highlighted: Ctrl + H
The "Color" button does not reflect the color of the selection: it corresponds to the last value selected by the user.
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