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Stored procedures
Managing iconic fonts
The iconic fonts are used to improve the presentation of a title, caption or text. Indeed, images (icons) can be included in the text of an HTML caption.
All the WEBDEV controls that include a caption have a caption in HTML format by default: static, button, ... This static uses an integrated HTML editor. This HTML editor is used to customize the text (font, size, color, etc.) via the options of "Text" pane found in the ribbon:
The integrated HTML editor also includes a button allowing you to add an icon into the text.
New in version 28
Version 28 includes 5000 new clipart illustrations to be included in HTML context.
Adding an icon
To add an icon into an HTML caption:
  1. Position the mouse cursor in the HTML text to modify.
  2. Click the Font icons button .
  3. The following window appears.
  4. Select the family of icons in the list of fonts.
  5. Double-click the requested icon or select the icon and validate the window. The icon is added into the HTML caption at cursor position.
Caution: The current project configuration must handle Unicode strings at runtime. This option is available in the configuration description window.
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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Last update: 06/14/2023

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