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  • Analyzing the dependencies and the orphan images
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Stored procedures
To help you manage the navigation of the Web users in your sites, an advanced feature for analyzing the dependencies and the orphan images is available in WEBDEV. This feature completes the the analysis of dead code and orphan elements.
You will be immediately notified of real or potential broken links. Indeed, the browses are not fixed in dynamic mode.
The unused images and the orphan pages are also notified.
How to proceed?

Analyzing the dependencies and the orphan images

To analyze the dependencies and orphan images, on the "Project" pane, in the "Audit and performance" group, expand "Edition audit" and select "Analyze dependencies".
The result window of this analysis lists:
  • the orphan images (that are not used by any page). You can:
    • Delete selected images from disk.
    • Archive the selected images in a .ZIP file and delete them.
    • Ignore the selected images. In this case, the ignored images can be displayed by clicking "Ignored orphan images".
  • the dependencies, which means the files linked to other files. For each element of the WEBDEV project ("Element" column), all the dependencies are listed ("File" column). You have the ability to see:
    • all the dependencies,
    • only the dependencies regarding HTML pages,
    • only the dependencies regarding images,
    • only the dependencies regarding Javascript files,
    • other dependencies.
These dependencies can be displayed for the project, the project pages, the styles or the reports.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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