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Stored procedures
When you design a quick prototype, you often create windows (or pages) without defining any data files. When the prototype is validated, and only then, you decide to create the structures of the data files.
Instead of creating these data files "manually", WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile allow you to export the content of the window (or page) to automatically create the corresponding structure of the data file.
How to?
To generate a description of a data file from a window or from a page:
  1. Open the window (or the page) from which the description of data file will be generated.
  2. Start the file description generation wizard:
    • WINDEV Mobile On the "Window" tab, in the "Edit" group, expand "Other actions" and select "Generate a file description". You can also select "Generate a file description" in the context menu of the window.
  3. Specify:
    • the logical name of the data file. This name will be used to handle the data file. By default, this name corresponds to the name of the window or page.
    • the caption of the file that briefly summarizes the subject of the data file. By default, this caption corresponds to the title of the window or page.
    • the representation of a record in the data file. This representation makes the questions asked when describing the links easier to understand. This option must be preceded by an indefinite article (A or AN).
  4. Go to the next step.
  5. Select the controls from which the items of the data file must be created. Only the controls that can be linked to an item are proposed. Go to the next step.
  6. Specify (if necessary) the type of key for each item (not key, unique key or key with duplicates). Go to the next step.
  7. The wizard presents the description of the data file to generate. Validate.
The new data file becomes the current data file in the data model editor. To modify it, double-click the data file to display the description of the file items.
For more details on how to handle a data file or item, see Operations on a data file and Operations on an item.
Correspondence between control and item
All the controls of the window/page that can be linked to an item (edit control, radio button, table, ...) can become items in the generated description of the data file.
The type and size of the items depends on the type of information displayed in the control (text, numeric, etc.) and the input size.
All the characteristics of the control are used in the shared information of the item.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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