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WEBDEV SaaS is available!
Let's see some of the new features that you will discover in WEBDEV SaaS.
New features in version SaaS
Impressive new features

  • PDF: Numerous new features
    • Read and write in controls programmatically
      You can now generate PDF forms with many different types of controls. It is also possible to populate PDF forms automatically. The new version now lets you programmatically read and write to the controls of a PDF form. Now, it is possible to programmatically list the controls used in a form, get their details, read or edit their contents, etc. All the characteristics of the controls can be manipulated using the new pdfControl variable type.
    • Factur-X: additional options
      Now, you can specify the value of the AFRelationship property adapted to the Factur-X mode used, for PDF documents with attachments. Simply use the new constants of the iAddAttachment function.
    • Extract pages from a PDF file
      You can now create new a PDF file containing a page or set of pages from an existing PDF file. To do so, use the PDFExtract function.
  • Modifier: better UX... yes, even better!
    The Modifier pane lists all the options available in the 7-tab windows and offers some additional options.
    In this version, the Modifier pane uses a more modern layout and offers a clearer view of the different properties. These properties are sorted by theme and can be easily collapsed. The available properties depend on the selected control. If multiple controls are selected, only the common properties are displayed.
    Remark: In this version, the Modifier pane is available in Beta version: the most frequently used properties are available in the new layout. The Modifier will receive further improvements in coming versions.


  • Key information in the open document tabs
    The open document tabs help you quickly identify the elements you have opened in different editors. Now, if there is a code window associated with a window or report, the name of the current event is displayed in the code tab. This makes key information available at a glance.
  • Quickly identify the current configuration
    WINDEV, iOS, Android and WEBDEV configurations can be grouped together in the same project.
    The taskbar icon now allows you to to quickly identify the IDE that corresponds to the current configuration: its color changes according to the current configuration.
  • Modern shortcuts
    Starting with version 2024, you can customize the shortcuts used in the different editors.
    To go even further, you can replace "legacy" shortcuts with more modern shortcuts found in popular IDEs.
    For example, to move the current view, you could drag the view while holding the Alt key . Now you can move the view while holding the spacebar. The "Other shortcuts" tab in the keyboard shortcut customization window lists both legacy and updated shortcuts.

Page editor

  • Include a WLangage code editor in your websites (WEBDEV's Code Editor control)
    The Code Editor control allows end users to write WLanguage code in a website, and offers syntax highlighting. This control can be extremely useful in online courses, for example. Bear in mind that the code is not directly executed, to avoid security risks.
  • Automatic Application Features (AAFs) available for WEBDEV tables
    An automatic export context menu is now available in WEBDEV. With this feature, visitors of your websites now have the ability to print the contents of Table controls to to PDF, or export them to Excel, Word or XML format. This menu also includes an option to apply filters on table columns.
  • Table control: Add options to the AAF menu
    Here's another new feature of context menus for Table controls: ability to add a custom context menu to the export menu. You can use your own context menu, and insert it before or after the AAF menu. This feature is also available for TreeView Table controls.
  • Control filters programmatically
    Users can filter the data by clicking the funnel icon. A new WLanguage event gives you control over the use of this filter mode in your websites.
  • Choose the best option: Static Text control or Rich Text Area
    Until now, Static Text and and Rich Text Area controls were created using the same method. By default, the Static Text control icon in the ribbon created a Rich Text Area. To create a Static Text control, it was necessary to expand the menu under this icon. In the SaaS version, the ribbon features two different icons for these two types of controls. Now, you can create exactly the control you want with a single click.
  • Improved page display
    Now, the editor loads pages more quickly, saving you even more time (especially on pages with a large number of controls).
  • The 7-tab window is now faster in WEBDEV
    The control description window is now also faster. Open the Table control description window to see the difference.
  • Give your pages a cleaner layout: WINDEV's UI optimization is now available in WEBDEV!
    Modern UIs use spaced-out controls and large fonts.
    Starting with SaaS version, the font size of all the controls in a selection, page or project can be automatically increased. This means you don't have to use a different skin and resize controls one by one.
    When the font is resized, all the controls are automatically enlarged and moved to preserve the current layout.
  • Page template: 20% faster!
    Page template updates have been greatly improved. This translates into significant time savings.
  • Smart anchors
    When you resize a selection of controls, the anchoring options set for each control are preserved.
  • Control permutations: new possibilities
    You can always replace an old control with a new one that better suits your needs. However, you can also use control permutations. This is a simple and safe method that preserves your code. In SaaS version, new permutations are available:
    • transform a Static Text control into a Link control and vice versa.
    • transform a Rich Text Area into a Static control and vice versa.
    • transformations between cells, Flexbox and CSS Grid controls.
  • Other editor improvements:
    • For controls with different planes, the plane to be displayed is now indicated in the status bar.
Data model editor

  • Object Relational Mapper (ORM)
    If the analysis contains model classes, you can generate all model classes in a single operation.

Query editor

  • Insert elements in a selection (SELECT in INSERT)
    You can now create an INSERT query from a previously created SELECT query. This makes it possible to insert into a file only the records that match a given condition.

Code editor

  • Reverse-engineer SQL queries directly from the code
    The WLanguage code editor lets you create SQL queries using "SQL Query" variables. If necessary, you can create the query visually using the query editor.
    Now, you can also edit the code of the "SQL Query" variable in the query editor. Simply right-click the SQL code to open the context menu and select "Edit query code".
  • Code editor: faster than ever
    • The code editor is now much faster.
    • You can now easily navigate through the different elements of the code editor using the keyboard: code is no longer compiled immediately after pressing the Enter or Back key, but only when the user stops using the keyboard. This translates into massive time savings.
  • Better UI for better workflow
    • Selected elements in the code editor remain highlighted after leaving and entering the code editor again.
    • Code suggestions are now spaced out and are colored according to their type. The type of each suggestion is also indicated. Selection is much easier.
  • View the current line
    It's easy to get lost in countless lines of code ... now, the current line of code can be easily identified by a thin frame.
  • Improved Ctrl+D shortcut
    Duplicating the current line of code with Ctrl+D is a very common action. This shortcut can now also be used to duplicate the selection on the current line. This is a simple, yet useful new feature.
  • Undo deletions with Ctrl+Z
    Now you can press Ctrl+Z to restore procedures you may have deleted by accident.
  • New code editor options
    • Ability to disable parameter input suggestions: the various parameter suggestions are no longer displayed on the line of code. Depending on your typing speed, this option can save you even more time.
    • Automatic deletion of spaces and tabs at the end of lines of code on each save. This allows you to go to the end of the code you just wrote using the End key.
    • Feel free to use the minimap: it allows to quickly navigate through the different processes of your application.
  • Lines over 1000 characters long
    The code editor can now handle lines of over 1000 characters. This allows you to easily paste JSON or HTML code onto a single line. And to scroll horizontally, simply use Shift + scroll wheel.

Report editor

  • A different report on the verso side
    WINDEV now lets you print content on the verso side of your reports programmatically, with the iInitReportVerso function. For example, this makes it possible to print the general terms and conditions of sale on the verso side of an invoice.
  • Totals always included
    A new UI error lets you know if there are columns without a total.
  • Automatic numbers
    You won't forget to number your pages ever again. The page number is inserted by default in your reports.

SCM (Source Code Manager)

  • Reuse previously deleted names
    This is a highly anticipated feature among SCM users: add an element using the same name as a previously deleted element. It's now possible!
  • Check out and recompile automatically
    The project can now be automatically recompiled when you check out elements from the repository: simply check the corresponding option.

Continuous integration - Software factory

  • 2 new actions
    The Software Factory includes 2 new actions:
    • Generate a test library.
    • Migrate a project located in a local or shared directory (in addition to the existing option to migrate projects located on the SCM).
  • Useful improvements
    • Ability to change the order of parameters passed to an action plan.
    • Ability to specify a username and password to log in to the SCM repository.
WEBDEV Application Server

  • OAuth server at your disposal
    WEBDEV Application Server can become an OAuth authentication server. An OAuth authentication server is responsible for authenticating users and issuing access tokens, giving third-party applications secure access to resources protected by users.
    Authentication is thus managed in a single structure. This makes it possible, for example, to use Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication.
  • Disk quota for each account
    The WEBDEV account manager now allows you to define a disk quota for each account (size expressed in MB). This quota is automatically taken into account when a site is installed for the specified account. If the quota is exceeded, installation will not be possible.
WEBDEV cluster

  • Improved security in account isolation mode
    The WEBDEV Cluster installation wizard now includes an option to protect all disks with account isolation. This results in enhanced security

Continuous integration - Software factory

  • 2 new actions
    The Software Factory includes 2 new actions:
    • Generate a test library.
    • Migrate a project located in a local or shared directory (in addition to the existing option to migrate projects located on the SCM).
  • Useful improvements
    • Ability to change the order of parameters passed to an action plan.
    • Ability to specify a username and password to log in to the SCM repository.


  • New features in WEBDEV's static audit
    • In WEBDEV SaaS, the static audit detects images that are too large to be displayed, thus making your websites faster.
    • Overlapping controls cause WEBDEV pages to slow down significantly. In SaaS version, the static audit automatically detects overlapping controls.
  • WDScript: Stand-alone setup
    WDScript, the WLanguage script editor, has quickly become a popular tool. To make this program easily available to your users, WDScript can now be installed as a stand-alone tool.
    It is no longer necessary to select the required files.
    Remark: WDScript is also available when installing WEBDEV Application Server.

Project Management Hub

  • New status to keep track of improvements
    The Project Management Hub is an essential tool for monitoring projects: requirements, tasks and sprints are all integral functionalities. The Project Management Hub also allows you to log incidents and track their resolution. The new "Retested" status indicates that the incident correction has been validated (by the testing team, for example).
  • Get everyone involved
    During the different phases of a requirement, it may be necessary to send a message to all contributors: questions, more information required for testing, limitations to be aware of, etc. If you use the integrated messaging tool (WDBal), you can select all participants in the current requirement with a single click.
  • Share your actions
    To manage a project, it's important to be notified of the different actions performed on that project: Requirement development completed, Requirement test completed, Requirement task completed, etc. These notifications are automatically sent via the default messaging application: now you can configure everything, from messages to recipients.

Programming and WLanguage

  • New functions, properties and types.
    • New function families:
      • Code Editor control functions.
  • New functions:
    • SchedulerBackgroundColor
    • HImportCSV
    • DocClearFormatting
    • iInitReportVerso
  • New features in WEBDEV:
    • A new "asynchronous" attribute for procedures. This makes it possible to directly handle asynchronous Ajax calls.
    • The SchedulerBackgroundColor function can be used to set a color for a resource in a given time range. The code is now the same in WINDEV and WEBDEV.
  • WEBDEV SaaS: New WLanguage features in Browser code
    New functions expand your possibilities in browser code.
    • DateToDayOfYear
    • LastDayOfYear
    • CurrentDay
    • In64bitMode
    • InAWPMode
    • InComponentMode
    • TimeValid
    • IBANValid
    • LuhnCalculate
    • LuhnCheck
    • Regex functions
    • New syntax for the PageCurrentLayout function


  • HFSQL triggers
    Now, in the procedure execucted in a trigger, it is possible to identify the function that invoked the trigger using a constant, and no longer the name of the function itself. This makes it easier to develop multilingual applications.
  • Improved composite keys
    Composite keys can include keys containing null values. This type of key has been optimized. To use this feature, select "Allow NULL values in indexes of composite keys" in the file description, in the data model editor.
  • HFSQL server
    • Improved cache management on the server side.
    • The HCreationIfNotFound function has been optimized.
  • Spatial data
    Better selection of indexes to speed up searches on spatial data (point, polygon, linestring, etc.).
  • SQL
    • SQL parameters
      In SQL queries, SQL parameters (e.g. "{pMyParam}") are now supported in ORDER BY statements.
    • New ST_Centroid function
      The ST_Centroid function returns a point corresponding to the geometric center of a polygon or multipolygon.
    • New TIMEDIFF function
      The TIMEDIFF function returns the difference between two dates, hours or datetimes. The result is a duration.
  • WLanguage functions
    • The HImportCSV function lets you directly import the contents of a CSV file into an HFSQL data file. This function defines the correspondence between the data in the CSV file and the items in the data file.
  • HFSQL Cluster
    • The cluster node synchronization process has been optimized.
    • The HDeleteFile function is available.
  • Universal replication
    • Highly anticipated new feature: ability to add files to an existing replication. It is no longer necessary to redefine the replication.
    • Some improvements are have also been integrated into universal replication:
      • Change from 4-byte to 8-byte automatic identifiers.
      • Modification of items defined as unique keys.
      • New order of unique keys.

Minimum version required
  • Version SaaS
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