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  • Overview
  • How to proceed?
  • Publish a resource
  • Copy the selected resources locally
  • Delete the selected resources
  • Synchronize the imported resources
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Stored procedures
From version 18, the Reusability Center is kept for backward compatibility.
The available resources are organized in the different categories defined in the Reusability Center.
All the resources are listed in the right part of the home window of the Reusability Center. The list contains the published resources corresponding to the category selected in the tree structure.
The resources are managed by the last four buttons found in the button bar of the window.
Managing resources
You can:
  • Publish a resource
  • Copy the selected resources locally
  • Delete the selected resources
  • Synchronize the imported resources
How to proceed?

Publish a resource

From your project, you have the ability to publish your elements in the Reusability Center in order to centralize them and to make them available to all the other developers.
To publish a resource, click the Publish a resource button
A wizard helps you publish your resource. The wizard asks you:
  • the type of resource that you want to publish.
  • the elements to publish (these ones are listed from a directory).
  • the category in which the selected resources must be published.

Copy the selected resources locally

Once a resource is published, it can be easily retrieved on your development computer from the Reusability Center.
To copy a resource locally, click the Copy a resource locally button.
The wizard for copying resources guides you through this step.
You have the ability to ask for a regular synchronization of the copied elements. The synchronization enables you to stay up to date and to be notified when imported resources are updated.

Delete the selected resources

To delete a resource from the Reusability Center:
  • Select the resource to delete.
  • Click the Deleting a resource button.
The resource is deleted from the Reusability Center.

Synchronize the imported resources

A synchronization option is available for the shared resources that have been imported on your computer. This allows you to check that you work with the latest published version of resource.
To synchronize the imported resources:
  • Click the Synchronizing a resource button.
  • The wizard starts, allowing you to perform a search on the imported resources.
  • If updates have been found, you have the ability to update them.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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