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Stored procedures
From version 26, the WDTest utility is no longer available.


WDTest is a tool used to record and run test scripts of applications (WINDEV, WINDEV Mobile or other than WINDEV).
A test script (also called "macro") mainly contains the different operations performed on an application (mouse movement, mouse click and keyboard input).
Once recorded, the test script can be run as many times as necessary. When a script is run, a result script is automatically generated. The differences found between the two scripts (source script and result script) are highlighted.
This feature allows you to check whether your WINDEV applications operate properly between two updates.
Therefore, WDTest is used to automate the test procedures of your applications.
Important: To run a test successfully, the same configuration must be used:
  • on the computer where the test is created,
  • on the computer where the test is run.
Using WDTest


The principle for using WDTest is straightforward:
Remark: You also have the ability to merge scripts. For more details, see Merging scripts.

Starting WDTest

To start WDTest:
  • Run "WDTest.EXE" directly.
  • On the "Tools" pane, in the "Utilities" group, click "WDTest".
WDTest and Windows Vista (and later)
The following message can be displayed by WDTEST when it is started:
WDTEST.DLL not found,
or Hook creation error: access denied.
The Windows UAC can lock the execution of WDTEST. Let's see the operations that must be performed in order to start WDTEST.
  1. Create a "C:\Program Files (x86)\WDTEST" folder,
  2. Copy/Paste in "C:\Program Files (x86)\WDTEST" from the \Programs\ folder of your WINDEV setup:
    • the WDTEST.EXE executable,
    • the WDTool.wdk component,
    • the WD260*.DLL files (\Programs\Framework\Win32x86\),
    • the WDTEST.DLL DLL:
      • if WINDEV is installed in 32 bits, this DLL is found in the \Programs\ folder of your WINDEV setup,
      • if WINDEV is installed in 64 bits, this DLL is found in the setup DVD or in the downloaded pack of WINDEV: "DVD\INSTALL\Editor32.ZIP" archive, "\IN\WinDev21\32\Programs" folder of the archive
    • Start the backup from the "C:\Program Files (x86)\WDTEST" folder, via a right click on WDTEST.EXE and "Run as administrator".

Use conditions

WDTest cannot be redistributed. WDTest cannot be installed with the applications developed with WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile.
To use WDTest, WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile must be installed on the current computer.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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