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Stored procedures
The options of WDTRAD can be configured via "Edit .. Preferences".
Available options

General options

  • Display the untranslated resources only: If this option is enabled, only the untranslated resources will be displayed if the translation file was already translated.
  • Display the line numbers: If this option is enabled, all the resources found in the translation file will be numbered.
  • Hierarchical display of resources: If this option is enabled, sorting will be done for each level of hierarchy. If this option is not enabled, sorting will be performed on the entire document.

Translation options

The options are as follows:
  • Considered as being translated when identical: If this option is checked, the identical resources in the different languages will be considered as being already translated.
    For example, the "Note" resource is identical in English and in French. If this option is checked:
    • the English resource will not be displayed on an orange background
    • the resource will be considered as being translated in the statistics for file translation.
  • Allow the full-text search: By default, the type of the search performed in the dictionary is "Starts with", "Contains", ... A more complex search can be performed if this option is checked. This search mode can be used to find sections of sentences used in a different context.
  • Enable the backup of translations in all languages: By default, when saving a resource in the dictionary, only the languages currently used in WDTRAD are proposed. If this option is checked, all the languages supported by the dictionary will be proposed when an element is added into this dictionary.
  • Enable the calculation of translation statistics during the input: By default, statistics are calculated when the file is saved. This option allows you to recalculate the statistics for each translation.
  • Custom dictionary: Path of the custom dictionary to use. This option is kept for backward compatibility.
  • Enable the translation with Google Translate: If this option is checked, it is necessary to specify the Google API key to use Google Translate. The Google translation will be offered for each translation search or only if the resource has not been found in the dictionary (option "Use only when no WDTRAD translation is found").

Keyboard layout and input

The options are as follows:
  • Enable the modification of reference texts: If this option is checked, the translator will also have the ability to modify the texts of the reference version (to correct the typos for example).
  • Enable the edit in automatic form mode: If this option is checked, the form mode will be automatically used when modifying or typing a resource.
  • Enable the spelling checker: This option is used to enable the spelling checker. You must:
    • install OpenOffice 2.0 (or later) on the computer where WDTRAD is used.
    • install the different dictionaries of OpenOffice.
  • Enable the automatic change of keyboard layout language: This option is used to install and enable the missing keyboards in Windows (from Windows Vista).


The options are as follows:
  • Enable the automatic backup every 10 minutes: If this option is checked, the reference file and the translation file will be saved every 10 minutes (by default, the backup is performed when clicking the "Save" button or when closing WDTRAD).
Minimum required version
  • Version 17
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