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  • Assigning the "Translated" message to all identical "Reference" messages
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Two different copy modes are proposed by WDTRAD:
  • simple copy.
  • assigning the "Translated" message to all identical "Reference" messages.
Simple copy
This method is used to copy the current "Reference" message to the corresponding "Translated" message.
To perform a simple copy, click the "Copy Ref." button.
Assigning the "Translated" message to all identical "Reference" messages
This method assigns the current "Translated" message to all the rows containing the same "Reference" message.
To perform this type of copy, click the "Apply Trans." button.
This type of copy searches for all the rows whose "Reference" column is identical to the one of the current row. The "Translated" message found on the current row is then assigned to all the corresponding rows.
For example, if the current row contains the message "Cancel" and its translation "Annuler", clicking the "Apply Trans." button allows you to:
  • search for all the "Cancel" messages,
  • assign the translation "Annuler" to all the "Cancel" messages found.
Note: If "Translated" messages were already assigned to the messages found, these "Translated" messages are replaced by the new translation.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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