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Stored procedures
Constants for managing the Windows scheduler
The different constants for managing the Windows scheduler:
ConstantAffectsUsed by the structure/function
schedAprilRuntime month of the task: AprilTriggerScheduledTask
schedAugustRuntime month of the task: AugustTriggerScheduledTask
schedDailyType of task: Run on a daily basisTriggerScheduledTask
schedDecemberRuntime month of the task: DecemberTriggerScheduledTask
schedFebruaryRuntime month of the task: FebruaryTriggerScheduledTask
schedFirstThe task will be performed during this week: First week of the monthTriggerScheduledTask
schedFourthThe task will be performed during this week: Fourth week of the monthTriggerScheduledTask
schedFridayThe task will be performed on this day: FridayTriggerScheduledTask
schedIdleType of task: Run when the system is idleTriggerScheduledTask
schedJanuaryRuntime month of the task: JanuaryTriggerScheduledTask
schedJulyRuntime month of the task: JulyTriggerScheduledTask
schedJuneRuntime month of the task: JuneTriggerScheduledTask
schedLastThe task will be performed during this week: Last week of the monthTriggerScheduledTask
schedLogonType of task: Run when starting a sessionTriggerScheduledTask
schedMarchRuntime month of the task: MarchTriggerScheduledTask
schedMayRuntime month of the task: MayTriggerScheduledTask
schedMondayThe task will be performed on this day: mondayTriggerScheduledTask
schedMonthlyType of task: Run on a monthly basisTriggerScheduledTask
schedNovemberRuntime month of the task: NovemberTriggerScheduledTask
schedOctoberRuntime month of the task: OctoberTriggerScheduledTask
schedOnceType of task: Run onceTriggerScheduledTask
schedSaturdayThe task will be performed on this day: SaturdayTriggerScheduledTask
schedSecondThe task will be performed during this week: Second week of the monthTriggerScheduledTask
schedSeptemberRuntime month of the task: SeptemberTriggerScheduledTask
schedSundayThe task will be performed on this day: SundayTriggerScheduledTask
schedSystemStartType of task: Run when the system is startedTriggerScheduledTask
schedThirdThe task will be performed during this week: Third week of the monthTriggerScheduledTask
schedThursdayThe task will be performed on this day: ThursdayTriggerScheduledTask
schedTuesdayThe task will be performed on this day: TuesdayTriggerScheduledTask
scheduledTaskActivateAction to perform: Enables a taskSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskCompleteAction to perform: Ends the execution of the task if the status of the task is scheduledTaskExecutionSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskCompletedTask Status: The last execution of the task was ended by the userSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskDisableAction to perform: Disables the specified taskSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskDisabledTask Status: The task is disabled (it will never be run until it is re-enabled)SchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskErrorTask Status: The specified task does not existSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskExecuteAction to perform: Runs the task immediately regardless of its scheduleSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskExecutionTask Status: The scheduled task is currently runSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskNoMoreExecutedTask Status: The task will not be run anymoreSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskNotExecutedTask Status: The task was not run yetSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskNoTimingTask Status: No schedule was defined for the task or all the task schedules are invalid or disabledSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskReadyTask Status: The task is ready to be run, it is waiting in the schedulerSchedulerTaskStatus
scheduledTaskUnscheduledTask Status: The task properties do not allow the task to be runSchedulerTaskStatus
schedulerResetTaskStructure to re-initialize: ScheduledTaskSchedulerReset
schedulerResetTimingStructure to re-initialize: TriggerScheduledTaskSchedulerReset
schedWednesdayThe task will be performed on this day: WednesdayTriggerScheduledTask
schedWeeklyType of task: Run on a weekly basisTriggerScheduledTask
Minimum required version
  • Version 10
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