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Stored procedures
These functions allow you to easily handle all the telephony features of a modem from a WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile application:
tapiAnswerCallAnswers an incoming call that was detected.
tapiBlindTransferPerforms a "blind" transfer.
tapiCallDuringReturns the duration of the call (difference between the start date and time of call and the end date and time of call).
tapiCalledIDUsed to find out the phone number called.
tapiCallEndReturns the date and time of the end of call.
tapiCallerIDUsed to find out the calling phone number (the one that calls).
tapiCallIsBusyUsed to find out whether the number called is busy.
tapiCallIsOverUsed to find out whether the incoming or outgoing call is ended.
tapiCallIsWaitingUsed to find out whether the call is on hold.
tapiCallStartReturns the date and time of the beginning of call (incoming or outgoing call).
tapiCapabilityReturns the characteristics of a telephony device.
tapiCompleteTransferPerforms a call transfer (with ability to retrieve the call).
tapiDeviceSelects the TAPI device that will be used during the following telephony operations:
tapiDeviceListLists the TAPI 2.0 and TAPI 3.1 compatible devices installed on the current computer.
tapiDialDials a phone number for a voice line.
tapiErrorIndicates whether an error was returned by the last tapixxx function (functions for managing the phone calls) to the TAPI module.
tapiHangUpHangs up a phone line that was opened by tapiDial or by telAnswerCall.
tapiHoldPuts a call on hold.
tapiKeyPressedUsed to find out the history of the keys pressed on the phone keypad since the last call to tapiKeyPressed.
tapiLineDialDials a phone number for a voice line and chooses the device to use.
tapiListenStarts the call detection (also called "call monitoring service").
tapiNoAnswerUsed to find out whether an answer was given to the call.
tapiOriginUsed to find out the origin of a call (incoming call, outgoing call, ...)
tapiPlayPlays a sound file (.WAV) for the specified line.
tapiRecordRecords the current communication as a".WAV" file.
tapiSendKeyAllows you to simulate the use of phone keys.
tapiStopForces the reading of a pre-recorded message to stop (tapiPlay).
tapiStopCallDetectionStops the specified call detection that was started by tapiListen.
tapiUnholdPicks up a call on hold.
Windows These functions are compatible with the TAPI 2.0 protocol.
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[ + ] This example presents the telephony functions of WINDEV.
The following topics are presented in this example:
1/ How to dial a phone number
2/ Detect and identify the incoming calls
Summary of the example supplied with WINDEV:
This example presents the telephony functions supplied with WINDEV. Once contacts have been entered in the main window (the table is in edit), you will be able to call them from the application directly (your computer must be equipped with a modem properly installed). You will be able to get a notification for the incoming calls and to identify the caller
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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