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  • Differences between FontCreate and iCreateFont
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Stored procedures
Creates a font definition. This font can be used:
// Create a font
MyFont is Font
MyFont = FontCreate("Arial", 12, iBold, LightYellow)
// Use this font in the "CustomerName" control
CustomerName.Font = MyFont
Reports and QueriesWindowsUser code (UMC)Ajax
// Create a standard font
StandardF is Font = FontCreate("Arial", 12)
// Create a bold font
BoldF is Font = FontCreate("Arial", 12, iBold)
// Prepare the print
// Browse an array
i is int
FOR i = 1 TO 100
// Use the standard font for the first 50 array elements
IF i<=50 THEN
// Use the bold font for the last 50 array elements
// Start the print
<Result> = FontCreate(<Font name> [, <Size> [, <Style> [, <Color> [, <Angle>]]]])
<Result>: Font variable
Font variable that can be used in the different drawing functions, chart functions or print functions that use a font.
<Font name>: Character string (with quotes)
Name of font used. This name must correspond to one of the fonts installed on the current computer.
<Size>: Optional integer
Size of font expressed in picas (1 Pica = 0.353 mm). The font size is set to 12 by default.
<Style>: Optional Integer constant (or combination of constants)
Font attributes:
(default value)
Standard font, without attributes
iBoldBold font
iUnderlinedUnderlined font
iItalicItalic font
iStrikeOutStrikeout font
iCondensedCondensed characters
iExtendedExtended characters
iLargeLarge characters
<Color>: Optional integer
Color used for the font. If this parameter is not specified, the color used is black.
This color can correspond to:
<Angle>: Optional integer
Angle (in degrees) according to which the text will be printed. The angle is calculated counterclockwise from an horizontal line (trigonometric direction).

Differences between FontCreate and iCreateFont

FontCreate creates a font definition that can be used in all the elements found in a WINDEV or WEBDEV application. This font is stored by the Font variable type and it can be used:
  • to write text in drawings (dFont).
  • to select the font used in charts (grLabelFont, grLegendFont, grTitleFont, grAxisTitleFont).
  • to select a print font (iFont).
  • to define the font used in the controls of a window (Font property for the window controls).
  • to define the font used in the fields of a page (Property Font of the fields of a page).
  • to define the font used in the fields of an report (Property Font of the fields of an report).
iCreateFont can only be used to create a font that can be used by the print functions.
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Font property Unit examples (WEBDEV): Font property
[ + ] This example presents the use of the..Font properties and the use of the FontCreate function.
Component: wd260vm.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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