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  • Adding records into a Palm database
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Stored procedures
StringToPalm (Function)
In French: ChaîneVersPalm
From version 16, this feature is no longer available.
Sends a character string to the "Notepad" database of PALM. This new memo record will be included in the Palm notepad during the next synchronization.
// Load the WINDEV DLL for PALM
// Initializes the string to send
MyMemo is string = "My text to send"
MySubject is string = "Palm memo trial"
// Sends the string to BOB's Palm Pilot in the "Not classified" category
StringToPalm(MySubject, MyMemo, "BOB")

// Sends the string to the Palm Pilot of BOB in the "Work" category
StringToPalm(MySubject, MyMemo, "BOB", "Work")
<Result> = StringToPalm(<Message Subject> , <Text to Transmit> , <User Name> [, <Message Category>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the record was added,
  • False otherwise (wrong category or user name or problem during the transmission). To find out the error details, use ErrorInfo.
<Message Subject>: Character string (with quotes)
Subject of memo. Corresponds to the first line of memo, displayed on the Palm Pilot. The total size of <Message Subject> and <Text to Transmit> must not exceed 65520 characters.
<Text to Transmit>: Character string (with quotes)
Text of memo. The total size of <Message Subject> and <Text to Transmit> must not exceed 65520 characters.
<User Name>: Character string (with quotes)
Name of Palm Pilot user. This name must be defined via the Palm synchronization tool (HotSync.exe). Once the Palm Pilot tools are installed, a first synchronization must be performed in order to define the users of the Palm Pilots. Each user has a specific user name on the host computer.
<Message Category>: Optional character string (with quotes)
Category associated with the memo in the Palm Pilot. This category is automatically created if it does not exist.
Up to 16 categories can be created for the notepad of Palm Pilot. The names of the categories are not case sensitive.
If this parameter is not specified, the memo will be saved in the "Not classified" category of the Palm Pilot.

Adding records into a Palm database

WINDEV proposes two methods for adding data managed by a Palm Pilot:
  • First possibility: inserting, modifying and deleting data found in one of the Palm Pilot databases (PalmAdd, PalmModify or PalmDelete). This solution is recommended.
    To use this solution, you must:
    1. Open an access to the database (PalmLoad).
    2. Use PalmAdd, PalmModify or PalmDelete.
    3. Close the access (PalmClose).
  • Second possibility: inserting data into the Palm Notepad database from a HyperFileSQL database (StringToPalm and FileToPalm).
    This solution allows you to work on the Notepad data only, and it requires a specific WINDEV DLL. This solution is not recommended.
    To use this solution, you must:
    1. Install the WINDEV DLL (PalmInstall).
    2. Use StringToPalm or FileToPalm.
    3. Uninstall the WINDEV DLL (PalmUninstall).
See Modifying the Palm Pilot data for more details.
WINDEVReports and Queries wd160plm.dll
Minimum required version
  • Version 9
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