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  • Connection to a blocked database
  • Authorizing the access to a database locked by the HFSQL Control Center
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Stored procedures
HEndNoDatabaseAccess (Function)
In french: HFinInterditAccèsBaseDeDonnées
HFSQL Client/ServerAvailable only with this kind of connection
Re-allows the access (which means the connection) to one or more databases accessible via a connection.
Remark: The access to the databases had been previously blocked with HNoDatabaseAccess.
IF HNoDatabaseAccess("MyConnection", "CustomerDatabase") = True THEN
// Specific process
HEndNoDatabaseAccess("MyConnection", "CustomerDatabase")
<Result> = HEndNoDatabaseAccess(<Connection> [, <Database>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the access to the specified database (or to all the databases accessed by the connection) is restored,
  • False if an error occurred. HError is used to identify the error.
<Connection>: Character string or Connection variable
Connection containing the database to which access must be restored. This connection corresponds to:
<Database>: Optional character string
Name of database for which the access must restored.
If this parameter corresponds to "*", access will be restored for all databases.
If this parameter is not specified, access will be restored for all the databases accessible by <Connection>.

Connection to a blocked database

In some cases (power failure for example), the connections to a database may be refused. For example, if a power failure occurs during the execution of this code (before HNoDatabaseAccess):
// Describe the connection
HDescribeConnection("MyConnection", "Julia", "Password", "MyHFServer", ...
"CustomerDatabase", hAccessHFClientServer, hORead)
// Open the connection
IF HNoDatabaseAccess("MyConnection", "CustomerDatabase") = True THEN
Info("Unable to connect to the database")

To authorize access again, simply establish a connection without specifying a database and use HEndNoDatabaseAccess.

Authorizing the access to a database locked by the HFSQL Control Center

When the connections to an HFSQL Client/Server database are refused, access can be granted again using HFSQL Control Center. To do so, perform the following operations:
  • Connect as administrator to the server without specifying the database,
  • Display the "Connections" tab of server,
  • In the ribbon, in the "Connections" group, expand the "Lock of connections" button and select "Authorize all the connections".
Component: wd280hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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