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Stored procedures
HAliasExternal (Function)
In french: HAliasExterne
HFSQLAvailable only with this kind of connection
HAliasExternal is kept for backward compatibility (this function will still be supported in the forthcoming version).
Since version 8, HDeclare and HDeclareExternal allow you to perform an advanced management of the files not found in the current analysis.
  • HDeclare: Imports a file description from an analysis other than the current analysis.
  • HDeclareExternal: Imports a file description from an existing file.
To benefit from this advanced management, use HDeclare and HDeclareExternal.
Here is the documentation of the HAliasExternal function available with WINDEV 5.5.
Loading the description of Hyper File files contained in an analysis external to the application without closing the current analysis.
<ErrorCode> = HAliasExternal(<File_Name>, <FullWddName> [, <Password> [, <LogicalAliasName> ]])
  • <ErrorCode> is an error code or 0 if the file was successfully loaded
  • <File_Name> is a character string containing the logical name of the file to load
  • <FullWddName> is a character string containing the full name of the ".WDD" of the analysis containing the file description.
  • <Password> is a character string containing the password of the analysis or an empty string if there is no password.
  • <LogicalAliasName> is a character string containing the name used to handle the file. This name is the logical name by default
The possible error codes are:
  • 1: .WDD file not found
  • 2: logical file already found in the current analysis
  • 3: alias already found in the current analysis
  • 4: no current analysis
  • 5: error while loading the description
  • 6: wrong password
No integrity test can be run on this file, even if the linked files were also loaded using this command.
Once the description is loaded, it remains loaded until the current analysis is closed.
  • This function affects the Hyper File files only.
  • This function is not available when using a database via Remote Access.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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