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Stored procedures
HAlias_55 (Function)
In french: HAlias_55
HAlias_55 is equivalent to HAlias available in WINDEV 5.5.
This function is kept for backward compatibility (this function will still be supported in the forthcoming version).
From version 8, HAlias was improved and it now proposes an advanced management of aliases. To benefit from these new features, use the new syntax of HAlias.
Below is the documentation available in WINDEV 5.5.
Creating an alias for a logical file or canceling all existing aliases of a logical file.
<ErrorCode> = HAlias_55(<File_Name> [,<AliasName> ,<AliasAbbreviation>])
  • <ErrorCode> is an integer containing an error code
  • <File_Name> is a character string containing the logical file name
  • <AliasName> is an optional character string containing the alias name
  • <AliasAbbreviation> is an optional character string (2 characters) containing the alias abbreviation
If only <File Name> is specified, HAlias_55 cancels all the aliases of <File Name>.
If only <File Name> is specified and if it is set to "*", HAlias_55 cancels all the aliases of all files.
If <Alias Name> is specified, HAlias_55 create the <Alias Name> alias for the <File Name> file. In this case, the abbreviation must necessarily be specified.
HAlias_55 returns the following value in <Result>:
  • 0 if successful
  • 1 if <Alias Name> is already used by a Hyper File file
  • 2 if <Alias Name> is already used by an xBase file
  • 3 if <Alias Abbreviation> is already used by a Hyper File file
  • 4 if <Alias Abbreviation> is already used by an xBase file
  • 5 if a memory allocation error occurred
  • 6 if an error occurred in the parameters
  • 7 if Hyper File was not initialized
  • 8 if <File Name> is unknown
  • 9 if the change of alias is not supported by the xBase file
  • 10 if more than 16 alias are defined for <File Name>
The .REP file is not updated for the files opened by HAlias_55.
  • The EXTERN command should be used to declare the aliases used before the call to HAlias_55. This declaration is used to avoid the warnings. Example:

    HAlias_55("FILE1", "ALIAS", "AL")
  • Important: the controls and the browsing tables cannot be linked to a file managed by HAlias_55. The values must be assigned one by one.
  • HAlias_55 is used to work with several physical files that have the same logical description.
  • Up to 16 aliases can be defined for the same file; the error 10 is returned by HAlias_55 if this number is exceeded.
  • The name and abbreviation of the alias are optional as a file item can be handled by the following syntax:
    <File Name>.<Item_Name>
  • HAlias_55 cannot be used in external language (indeed, in external language, the structures can be duplicated in the "include" modules).
  • The files handled by an alias are not recognized:
Component: wd260hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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