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Stored procedures
HErrorModification (Function)
In french: HErreurModification
ODBCNot available with this kind of connection
Used to:
  • If modification conflict occurs: return the value of an item of a record. This value is returned as a character string (empty string for binary memos).
    Remark: this function must only be used during a custom management of modification conflicts (in a procedure or window called by the HFSQL engine to process the modification conflict for example).
  • check if a modification conflict occurred.
	// Extracts the nth item from the list of items in conflict
	AnItem = ExtractString(ItemList, i, CR)
	// Exit if no other item
	IF AnItem = EOT THEN BREAK // Exit if no other item in conflict

	// Displays the value of the item for the source record
	Trace(HErrorModification(FileName, AnItem, hRecRead))
	// Displays the value of the item for the file record
	Trace(HErrorModification(FileName, AnItem, hRecFile))
	// Displays the value of the item for the user record
	Trace(HErrorModification(FileName, AnItem, hRecUser))

Return the value of an item of a record Hide the details

<Result> = HErrorModification(<Data file> , <Item> [, <Item index>] , <Record to read>)
<Result>: Character string
  • Content of the requested item,
  • Empty string ("") if no error occurred.
<Data file>: Character string
Name of data file used.
<Item>: Character string
Name of item used.
<Item index>: Optional integer
Index of the item for array items only. This parameter is not required for the other types of items.
<Record to read>: Integer constant
Used to specify the record for which the information must be read:
hRecFileValue of the item currently saved in the data file.
hRecReadValue of the item for the source record (read before the modification performed by HModify).
hRecUserValue of the item for the current record when the modification is performed (HModify).

Check if a modification conflict occurred Hide the details

<Result> = HErrorModification()
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if a modification error occurred,
  • False otherwise (no conflict).
Business / UI classification: Business Logic
Component: wd300hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/06/2024

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