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Stored procedures
User Groupware functions
The following functions are used to customize the User Groupware options.
gpwActivateUserValidates a new user in the User Groupware database by activating the user.
gpwAddAuthLoginAdds a login button (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc.) in the login window or page.
gpwAddUserAdds a user to the User Groupware database.
gpwAddUserToGroupAdds a user to a group of the User Groupware database.
gpwAuthLoginAllows you to connect to the User Groupware using authentication with an account such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc.
gpwBiometricAuthenticationEnables biometric authentication for the connected user or retrieves the current status for the connected user.
gpwCheckPasswordChecks a password (encrypted or not).
gpwCheckUserChecks the existence and validity of the password for a user of the user groupware.
gpwConnectUserLogs a user in to the User Groupware.
gpwDefaultReturns the value that corresponds to "DEFAULT" according to the framework used.
gpwDisconnectUserDisconnects the current user from the User Groupware.
gpwEncryptedPasswordsDetermines whether the User Groupware passwords are encrypted.
gpwEncryptPasswordReturns the encrypted password.
gpwEnumControlEnumerates the controls found in a window or page.
gpwFindUserRetrieves the characteristics of a user of the user groupware.
gpwForgottenPasswordRuns an action to retrieve or change the password of a user.
gpwGetFileInfoRetrieves the directory of the data files found in the User Groupware.
gpwGetLDAPInfoRetrieves the configuration of the LDAP server used for the User Groupware.
gpwGetRightsUsed to get the rights granted to a control, a window, a page or a report.
gpwGetUserInfoRetrieves information about the current user (application that uses the User Groupware).
gpwImportLDAPUsersImports users from an LDAP directory to the user file of the User Groupware.
gpwInitAnalysisInitialize the analysis of the User Groupware.
gpwInLDAPModeDetermines whether users will authenticate to the User Groupware using an LDAP directory.
gpwListOAuthParametersRetrieves the list of OAuth parameters defined for the User Groupware, i.e. the list of providers (Google, Facebook, etc.) to which it is possible to connect via the User Groupware. These parameters are defined via the User Groupware administration site.
gpwListUserGets the list of users in the User Groupware.
gpwLoginConnects a user to an application that uses the User Groupware.
gpwModeReturns the User Groupware runtime mode.
gpwModifyUserModifies a user in the User Groupware database.
gpwNoneReturns the value of the word "NONE" according to the framework used.
gpwOpenOpens the User Groupware login window or page.
gpwOpenConfigurationOpens the User Groupware configuration window or page.
gpwOpenConnectionOpens a connection to a specific Client/Server database to manage User Groupware files in Client/Server mode.
gpwOpenLDAPSessionInforms the User Groupware that the authentication of users will be done via an LDAP directory.
gpwOpenSiteAllows you to start the site when using the user groupware.
gpwRegisteredUsersReturns the value that corresponds to "Registered users" according to the framework being used.
gpwRemoteConnectAllows connecting to the application via the User Groupware Webservice.
gpwResetPasswordResets the password of a registered user.
gpwSupervisorReturns the username of the "Supervisor" account according to the framework being used.
gpwVisitorReturns the value that corresponds to the word "Visitor" according to the framework used.
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