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Stored procedures
Returns the status of a fax that was sent by FaxSend. FaxStatus fills the FaxCompleteStatus structure that contains the fax characteristics.
Remark: This function can be used in Windows 2000, XP or later.
Reminder: In Windows Vista (and later), the management of faxes is available with Windows Professional et Windows Integral Edition.
ConnectID is int
ConnectID = FaxConnect()
FaxName is string = "MyFax"
FaxID = FaxSend(ConnectID, FaxName, "Message.txt", "0102030405")
IF FaxStatus(ConnectID, FaxName) = FaxStatusSent THEN
Info("The fax was sent")
Info("Status of the fax: " + FaxCompleteStatus.StatusCaption)
<Result> = FaxStatus(<Connection identifier> , <Fax name or Fax identifier>)
<Result>: Integer constant
Status of specified fax:
FaxStatusAnsweredThe recipient answered.
FaxStatusBadNumberWrong fax number.
FaxStatusBusyThe recipient is busy.
FaxStatusCallThe fax is dialing out.
FaxStatusCanceledThe fax transmission is canceled.
FaxStatusDelayedThe call is delayed.
FaxStatusDisconnectedDisconnection during the transmission.
FaxStatusErrorUnable to get the fax status.
FaxStatusFatalErrorFatal error.
FaxStatusHandledThe fax is handled and transmitted by the fax manager.
FaxStatusInactiveThe fax sending is disabled (pause between two calls for example).
FaxStatusInitThe transmission is currently initialized.
FaxStatusLockedThe recipient number is locked.
FaxStatusNoAnswerThe recipient does not answer.
FaxStatusNoDialToneNo dial tone.
FaxStatusNotFaxCallA call other than a fax call (phone call for example) was received by the device.
FaxStatusOfflineThe device is offline and unavailable.
FaxStatusReceivingThe device is currently receiving a fax.
FaxStatusRingThe recipient fax is ringing.
FaxStatusRoutingThe device is currently routing an incoming fax.
FaxStatusSendThe fax is currently sent.
FaxStatusSentThe fax was sent.
FaxStatusServerPendingThe device is available.
FaxStatusUnavailableThe fax is busy (used by another application).
<Connection identifier>: Integer
Connection identifier, returned by FaxConnect. This identifier must correspond with the one from the connection used to send the fax.
<Fax name or Fax identifier>: Character string
Corresponds to:
  • the name used to identify the outgoing fax. This name was defined with FaxSend.
  • the fax identifier (returned by FaxInbox ou FaxOutbox)
Component: wd280com.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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