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Stored procedures
Frees the image from memory. For a drawing performed in an Image control, the current drawing is destroyed.

Remark: The call to dEndDrawing is optional. The resources are automatically freed when the window or the page is closed.
// Destroy the drawing found in the "IMG_Drawing" control
<Element>: Optional control name or optional Image, WDPic or picLayer variable
Element to use:
  • Name of an Image control to erase.
  • Versions 17 and later
    Reports and QueriesWindows Name of an Image variable.
    New in version 17
    Reports and QueriesWindows Name of an Image variable.
    Reports and QueriesWindows Name of an Image variable.
    Name of an Image variable.
If this parameter is not specified:
  • all the Image controls found in the current window will be erased.
  • all the images will be freed from memory.

Special cases

  • dStartDrawing must be called before using the drawing functions. dStartDrawing is used to define the element (Image control or Image variable) onto which the drawing functions will be applied.
  • For an Image control:
    • The drawing functions operate on a copy ("bitmap") of the image. You can use the drawing functions of Windows (via API or CallDLL32) but these Windows functions must use the DC (Device Context) returned by dStartDrawing.
    • dEndDrawing and dStartDrawing must not be called in the same process.
      The drawing will not be displayed if dEndDrawing and dStartDrawing are called in the same process: it will be automatically erased.
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Component : wd250pnt.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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