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Stored procedures
TextWidth (Function)
In french: TexteLargeur
Calculates the width (in pixels) of the text displayed in an edit control, in a Combo Box control or in a Static control. This allows you to predict the width occupied by the text in order to enlarge the control if necessary.
ResNbPixels is real = TextWidth(EDT_Edit1, "Hello")
<Result> = TextWidth(<Control name> , <Text> [, <Options>])
<Result>: Real
Width of the text (in pixels) in the specified control (according to the control style).
You can get the width in millimeters by using the following formula:
<Nb pixels> = <Screen resolution>*<Nb millimeters>/25.4
Android Remark: The width will be null for the unsupported controls. Only the edit controls and the Static controls are supported.
<Control name>: Character string
Name of the Edit control, Static control or Combo Box control.
Android Name of the edit control or Static control.
<Text>: Character string
Text whose width must be calculated.
<Options>: Optional integer constant
Configures the mode for calculating the width of the text:
tWithMarginAllows you to take into account the margins set for the control (left indentation, right indentation, etc.).
This constant can be combined with the tMultiline constant.
AndroidJava This constant is not available.
(default value)
Width of the text in the control.
tMultilineWidth of the text in the control. The maximum width will correspond to the width of the control.
tSingleLineWidth of the text while ignoring the width of the control. This constant is used to get a precision greater than the one given by the tDefault constant.
Business / UI classification: UI Code
Component: wd290std.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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