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  • Interrupting TreeListItem
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Stored procedures
Lists the "children" of a node and the "child" elements of these "children" in a TreeView control. A WLanguage procedure is called whenever a "child" element is found.
Example of TreeView control:
Vocabulary linked to a TreeView control
// List the "children" of the "Desserts" node in the "TREE_TVRecipe" TreeView
// The "ExpandAll" procedure is called
// for each "child" element found in the "Desserts" node
Res = TreeListItem(TREE_TVRecipe, "Recipes" + TAB + "Desserts", "ExpandAll")
<Result> = TreeListItem(<TreeView control> , <Node path> , <WLanguage procedure> [, <Custom parameter> [, <Duplicate identifier>]])
<Result>: Integer
Number of listed elements.
<TreeView control>: Control name
Name of the TreeView control to be used.
<Node path>: Character string
Full path of node from which the elements will be listed. This parameter:
  • has the following format:
    "<Root name>" + TAB + ["<Name of 1st node>" + TAB + ...
    ["<Name of 2nd node>" + TAB + [...]]]"<Leaf name>"
    If there are two elements with the same name in the path, you can add the IDs of the elements (after their names using TreeID).
  • corresponds to the NULL constant to list from the root of TreeView control.
<WLanguage procedure>: Procedure name
Name of WLanguage procedure that will be called whenever a "child" element is found.
For more details on this procedure, see Parameters of the procedure used by TreeListItem.
<Custom parameter>: Optional integer
Parameter passed to <WLanguage procedure>.
<Duplicate identifier>: Optional boolean
Indicates the management mode of duplicates in the elements:
  • False (default value): no management is performed.
  • True: the names of path elements are built in order to contain their identifier.

Interrupting TreeListItem

TreeListItem cannot be interrupted as long as all "child" elements have not been browsed.
To force the interruption of the browse performed by TreeListItem, use the following line of code in <WLanguage procedure>:
In this case, TreeListItem returns the number of elements browsed until the call to "RESULT False".
Component: wd300obj.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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