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Stored procedures
UnloadProcedure (Function)
In french: DéchargeProcédure
UnloadProcedure is kept for backward compatibility.
To share procedures between several applications, it is recommended to:
  • create a set of procedures
  • create the procedures to share in a set of procedures
  • associate the set of procedures with the different projects that must share these procedures.
The documentation about UnloadProcedure is as follows.
Unload the internal procedures of a window that have been made global by LoadProcedure.
<Result> = UnloadProcedure(<WindowName> [, <Message>])
  • <Result> is a boolean used to find out whether the procedures have been unloaded
  • <WindowName> is a character string containing the name or the alias of the window in which the procedures have been described.
  • <Message> is a boolean used to display an error message if the window procedures are not found.
<Result> returns True if the unload operation was successfully performed, False otherwise.
If <Message> = True (default value), an error message indicates whether <Window Name> is not found at runtime.
If <Message> = False, no error message is displayed if <WindowName> is not found. The value of <Result> must be checked by programming.
  • UnloadProcedure must be used to load the internal procedures of other windows with LoadProcedure.
  • The internal procedures of up to 16 windows can be loaded by LoadProcedure.
  • When a procedure is run, it is searched:
    • in the internal procedures of the window,
    • then in the different "modules" loaded,
    • finally in the global procedures.
  • The procedures loaded by LoadProcedure are automatically unloaded when closing the project.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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