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Stored procedures
Calls an external .php script and returns the result in a string. An HTTP request is performed: you have the ability to use a POST method or a GET method.
It is recommended to use this function to run PHP scripts (rather than ScriptExecute).
// Runs the "Script1.php" script found at the root
// of the Web site and returns the result in S
MyBuffer is Buffer
MyBuffer = PHPExécute("/Script1.php")
// Login page in php. Sends 3 parameters with the POST method
// The script is found in the php directory
MyBuffer is Buffer
MyBuffer = PHPExécute("/php/Login.php", "Name=BOB&Pass=My+Secret&Lang=3", True)
<Result> = PHPExecute(<Script name> [, <"Name1=Param1&Name2=Param2&..."> [, <Runtime method>]])
<Result>: Buffer or character string
Result of the script. In most cases, this result can be displayed by StringDisplay.
<Script name>: Character string
Address of the script. The script URL can have the following format:
  • "http://ServerName/Address.php": the Address.php script is found on the "ServerName" computer
  • "/Scripts/MyScript.php": MyScript.php is found on the current server, in the "/Scripts" site subdirectory.
  • you have the ability to use a secure address (https)
<"Name1=Param1&Name2=Param2&...">: Character string
Parameters intended for the script. This string contains for each parameter:
  • the parameter name,
  • the sign'=',
  • the parameter value.
Two parameters are separated by the & sign.
<Runtime method>: Boolean
  • True to run a POST method,
  • False (default value) to run a GET method.


PHPExecute is slower than PHPDisplay.

Encoding parameters

The content of parameters is automatically encoded to get a valid URL:
  • transformation into UTF-8 (according to the options of the page and project).
  • encoding of special characters.
Component: wd270page.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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