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Stored procedures
Large (Property)
In french: Large
From version 27, this property is kept for backward compatibility. It is recommended to use the new CharacterSpacing property to manage character spacing.
Large is used to:
  • Find out whether a Font variable is enlarged.
  • Enlarge (or not) a Font variable.
Remark: Stretched font characters can be:
  • Normal: characters are normal.
  • Condensed: characters are narrower (Condensed property).
  • Extended: characters are wider (Extended property).
  • Large: the width of characters is increased to the maximum.
// Define the characteristics of a Font variable
Font1 is Font
Font1.Name = "Arial"
Font1.Size = 14
Font1.Large = True
// Apply the font to "MyControl"
MyControl.Font = Font1

Finding out whether a Font variable is enlarged Hide the details

<Result> = <Font>.Large
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the specified font is enlarged,
  • False otherwise.
<Font>: Font variable
Name of the Font variable to be used.

Enlarging (or not) a Font variable Hide the details

<Font>.Large = <Large/Not large>
<Font>: Font variable
Name of the Font variable to be used.
<Large/Not large>: Boolean
  • True if the specified font must be enlarged,
  • False otherwise.

Font variable

A font can be created from a Font variable.
To define the font characteristics, use:
This font can be used:


The properties that define character stretch options (Condensed, Extended and Large properties) are supported only if the specified Font variable is used for printing (print font or font of controls in a report).
In the other cases (font used for the drawings, the charts or the window controls), these characteristics are ignored.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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