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  • Special case: Link control
  • Limits
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Stored procedures
FontUnderlined is used to:
  • Find out whether a text is underlined or not.
  • Underline (or not) a text.
// Underline the text displayed in "STC_StaticControl"
STC_StaticControl.FontUnderlined = True

Finding out whether the text displayed in a control is underlined Hide the details

<Result> = <Control used>.FontUnderlined
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the text is underlined,
  • False otherwise.
<Control used>: Control name
Name of control to use.

Modifying the underline attribute for the text displayed in a control Hide the details

<Control used>.FontUnderlined = <Underlined/Not underlined>
<Control used>: Control name
Name of control to use.
<Underlined/Not underlined>: Boolean
  • True if the text must be underlined,
  • False otherwise.
WEBDEV - Server codeWEBDEV - Browser codePHP

Special case: Link control

The result of Property FontUnderlined does not take into account the fact that browsers do not underline Default links.
The value returned by the Property FontUnderlined in browser code and in server code for the same Link control can therefore be different.


WEBDEV - Server code In an report, the FontUnderlined property can only be used on:
  • a Static control.
  • a Calculated control.
  • a URL Link control.
  • a Preset control.
WEBDEV - Server codePHPAjax Within a page, the Property FontUnderlined can be used on:
  • a Static control,
  • an edit control,
  • a Button control,
  • a Check Box control,
  • a Radio Button control,
  • a List Box control,
  • a column in Table control,
  • a cell of a Table control (read only),
  • a formatted display control,
  • an HTML control,
  • a Combo Box control,
  • a Link control,
  • an HTML Static control,
  • a Pager control,
  • a Breadcrumb control (except in PHP),
  • a TreeView control,
  • a menu.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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