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  • Animating an image
  • Animating a text
  • Animating a progress bar
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Stored procedures
Animation is used to manage the animation of an image.
You can:
  • Finding out the current status of animated image or text.
  • Start or stop the animation defined for an image or for a text (start the animation of an animated GIF image for example).
This property applies to the following controls:
  • WindowsWindows MobileAndroidiPhone/iPad Image controls,
  • WindowsWindows Mobile Button controls,
  • WindowsJava Static controls,
  • Windows Carousel controls,
  • Versions 15 and later
    Windows Progress Bar controls.
    New in version 15
    Windows Progress Bar controls.
    Windows Progress Bar controls.
WINDEV The Property Animation also allows the animation of a text in an Static control.
Versions 20 and later
iPhone/iPad This property is now available for iPhone/iPad applications.
New in version 20
iPhone/iPad This property is now available for iPhone/iPad applications.
iPhone/iPad This property is now available for iPhone/iPad applications.
WindowsWindows MobileAndroidiPhone/iPad
// Initialisation du champ Image avec Flèche.GIF (GIF animé)
IMG_Image1 = "C:\Temp\Flèche.gif"
// Lancement de l'animation
IMG_Image1.Animation = True
// Initialisation du champ Libellé avec le texte "WINDEV est formidable"
LIB_Libellé1 = "WINDEV est formidable"
// Lancement de l'animation
LIB_Libellé1.Animation = True

Finding out the current status of animated image or text Hide the details

<Status> = <Control used>.Animation
<Status>: Boolean
  • True if the image or the text found in the control is animated,
  • False otherwise.
<Control used>: Control name
Name of control used.

Starting or stopping the animation Hide the details

<Control used>.Animation = <Animation mode>
<Control used>: Control name
Name of control used.
<Animation mode>: Boolean
  • True to start the animation,
  • False to stop the animation.
WindowsWindows Mobile

Animating an image

To animate the image displayed in the Image control, this image can be:
  • an animated image (animated Gif for example).
  • an image animated by WINDEV. In this case, the type of animation can be chosen either in the description window of the Image ("Detail" tab), or by programming with the AnimationSetMode function.
In a Button control, only an animated image can be associated with a button (Animated Gif, for example).

Animating a text

To animate the text displayed in a Static control, you must choose the animation:
  • in the description window of static control ("Details" tab),
  • by programming with AnimationSetMode.

Animating a progress bar

In a progress bar, the animation is performed during an important variation of the value of progress bar: instead of being immediately positioned on the new value, the progress bar is incremented (or decremented) progressively to get an animation effect.
Remark: this effect is specifically adapted to the circular progress bars.


The animation is set to True by default.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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