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Stored procedures
The advanced interface checker is a tool used to improve the layout of the controls in the different windows of the application.
This interface checker also enables you to apply the interface rules from the Windows standard to the current window or to the selected controls: alignment of controls, normalization of button size, etc.
How to?
To use the advanced interface checker:
  1. Select (if necessary) the controls whose position, size or alignment must be modified.
  2. Start the advanced interface checker: on the "Alignment" tab, in the "Other alignments" group, click "Interface checker",
  3. When it is started, the interface checker analyzes the window (or the selection of controls) and establishes "Groups of controls" according to their nature, to their position, ...
    For each "group of controls", the checker proposes to apply the rules that are not complied with. The relevant controls (or groups of controls) are bordered by a colored line.
Several options are available:
  • Apply the rule: The modifications are performed in the window. The interface checker goes to the next rule.
  • Ignore the rule: No modification is performed. The next rule is proposed.
  • Restore: Cancels the modification that was performed by the previous rule.
  • Close: The proposed rule is not applied. The window remains as it is and the interface checker is closed.
  • Cancel: All the rules that have been applied since the beginning of the correction are canceled. The interface checker is closed. The window is displayed in its initial status (before the beginning of the correction).
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 04/03/2023

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