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The custom-notes allow you to write down any ideas you want to remember, notes you must not forget, ... You can enter as many reminders as you like in any of your project elements. You can even stick your custom-notes on the Windows desktop.
A custom-note can contain text (free text or RTF text), images, sound, ...
How to?

Adding a Custom-Note

To add a custom-note:
  1. Select "New Custom-Note" in the context menu (right mouse click).
  2. The wizard for creating a new Custom-Note starts. Select the type of information included in the new Custom-Note:
    • simple text.
    • formatted text.
    • scanned document.
    • text file, Excel worksheet, image, etc.
    • voice recording.
  3. Depending on the type of the Custom-Note, enter the content of the Custom-Note, select the expected file or record the voice memo.
  4. Give a title to this new Custom-Note and validate.
    Custom-Note in the editor

Associating a Custom-Note with a project element

To associate a Custom-Note with a project element:
  1. Click (pushpin in) in the title bar of the Custom-Note. The icon turns into a pushpin out: .
  2. Open the project element to which the Custom-Note must be associated.
  3. Click the pushpin again to associate the Custom-Note with the current element.

Deleting a Custom-Note

To delete a Custom-Note, simply click the "X" on the Custom-Note (top right) and validate the dialog box.
Minimum version required
  • Version 10
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24 Jun. 2019

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