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  • Using groups of controls
  • Visibility of controls
  • Defining rights
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Stored procedures
Using groups of controls
To simplify the configuration of the groupware management according to users, controls should be organized in groups.
In your windows or in your pages, you have the ability to create groups of controls according to the controls that must be displayed for a specific type of user. Furthermore, a control can be associated with several groups of controls.
These groups of controls can be created in your application for managing the groupware, no specific programming is required.
Visibility of controls
When developing your application, you can define the visibility options for the elements found in your windows or in your pages:
  • in the element description (7-tab window).
  • by programming (State or Visible properties).
When configuring the user groupware, the supervisor can define different visibility options. The options defined by the supervisor have priority. For example, a button is used to make a control active. This control was grayed by the supervisor. Your code will be ignored and the control will not be active.
Defining rights
To set rights according to the features of your application, we advise you to:
  • configure the rights for your application before creating the setup program. then, all you have to do is add the groupware files when creating the setup procedure of the application
  • provide a programming documentation that gives the names of controls, groups of controls and options that must be configured according to the level of use defined for the application.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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