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  • Editing the WEBDEV style sheet of a project
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WEBDEV allows you to manage all the WEBDEV styles used in a project. The WEBDEV styles can be viewed for each type of control.
Editing the WEBDEV style sheet of a project
To edit the WEBDEV styles of a project:
  1. Select a type of control for which you want to find out the available WEBDEV styles (e.g., a Button control, to see the different WEBDEV styles associated with it).
  2. On the "Modification" pane, in the "Style" group, click "Styles".
  3. The list of WEBDEV styles in the project that can be associated with the selected control (Button control in our example) is displayed.
If one or more WEBDEV styles have been defined in the project for a specific type of control, no default CSS style can be defined for this type of control. The first WEBDEV style found in the list will correspond to the default style for this type of control. The default style cannot be modified.
Remark: The "Local" check box returns the list of styles associated with the style sheet associated with the page ("Style" tab of the page description).
This window is used to:
  • Modify the selected style. If the style is not a local style, this modification will be applied to all the controls that use this style.
  • Create a new style.
  • Duplicate selected style.
  • Delete the selected style: in this case, the style associated with the control will be the same but it will be local to the control.
The style edit window includes the style characteristics corresponding to the control for which the style was defined. See Edit window of WEBDEV styles for more details.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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