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Stored procedures
Defining a template of help window
WINDEV gives you the ability to create templates of help windows. These templates are used to group in a single definition all the characteristics of the help window: HTML or HLP characteristics, color of pages, ...
To use all the characteristics of a help page template, all you have to do is associate the template with the help page ("Layout" tab of the page description).
Creating a template

How to create a template of help window?

To create a new template of help window:
  1. On the "Modification" pane, in the "Help system " group, click "Help windows".
  2. Click the "New" button and specify the name of the window definition.
  3. Select the options of the template via the different tabs:
    • Panels displayed and buttons of the help system ("Common" tab).
    • The characteristics specific to help pages compiled in HTML format ("HTML Help" tab).
    • The characteristics specific to the help pages compiled in HLP format ("WinHelp" tab).
    • The colors used in the page ("Layout" tab).
"Common" tab
The common options of a page template are used to define:
  • the logical name of the template.
  • the title of the template window. If this title is specified, this title will be displayed regardless of the title defined in the characteristics of the help page.
  • the panels that can be displayed from the page.
  • the buttons proposed in the toolbar: These buttons will allow the user:
    • to display the page that was previously visited.
    • to display all the options available for the help (management of fonts, help always visible, ...)
    • to print the current help page.
"HTML Help" tab
The options specific to the help system compiled in HTML format (CHM file) are as follows:
  • Display the panel of favorites: The panel of favorites allows you to reference the help pages frequently viewed by the user.
  • Layout options:
    • Side panel hidden by default: Automatically hides all the tabs (summary, index, search, ...): only the toolbar and the page are displayed in the window. A button found in the toolbar is used to display the different tabs.
    • Automatic synchronization of table of contents: Automatically synchronizes the summary with the current page in the help. If this page is referenced in the summary, the summary is expanded and the corresponding icon is selected.
    • Hide the side panel when it loses focus: Automatically hides all the tabs when the help file loses focus. The tabs are redisplayed as soon as the help regains focus.
  • Buttons available on the toolbar:
    • Hide/Display the side panel: This button allows the user to display (or not) the tabs (summary, search, , index, ....
    • Home page : This button is used to display the default page of the help system.
    • Next: This button is used to display the next page (according to the defined order).
    • Synchronize the table of contents: This button is used to synchronize the table of contents with the current help page.
    • Stop: This button stops loading the help page.
    • Refresh: This button redisplays the current help page.
    • Direct link 1/Direct link 2 : This button allows you to open a Web site, a specific help page, ... The properties of these links must be entered (caption and URL).
"Winhelp" tab
The options specific to the help compiled in HLP format are as follows:
  • Automatic calculation of the window height:
    Used to dynamically calculate the height of the window according to the text displayed in the help page.
  • Help window always visible:
    Used to display the help page in "Top most": this page will always be visible regardless of the application having focus.
"Layout" tab
The "Layout" tab is used to define the color options used in the help pages.
  • Header area:
    Used to define:
    • the background color of the header area.
    • the background image used for this area.
    • the style of the text displayed in this area.
  • Main area:
    Used to define the background color of text area and/or the background image used for this area.
  • Positioning:
    Used to define the coordinates of the help window (in pixels). The wizard is used to simplify the input of coordinates:
    • click "Wizard". A window is displayed.
    • modify the size and position of this window and validate. The size and coordinates of this window are automatically retrieved.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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