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Stored procedures
The following functions are used to handle external files, using prefix syntax:
<DiskFile variable>.ChangeSizeResizes an external file.
<DiskFile variable>.CloseCloses an external file.
<DiskFile variable>.FileNameReturns the name of an external file currently open.
<DiskFile variable>.FindFinds a character string or a buffer in a file opened by .Open.
<DiskFile variable>.LockEntirely or partially locks an external file.
<DiskFile variable>.ReadReads:
  • a block of bytes (characters) in an external file (ANSI or Unicode),
  • the content of an external file (ANSI or Unicode) and assigns it to a memory area.
<DiskFile variable>.ReadLineReads a line from an external file (ANSI or UNICODE).
<DiskFile variable>.ReadLineRegularExpressionReads a line in an external file, gets sections of this line according to a regular expression and assigns them to a variable.
<DiskFile variable>.SeekGets and sets current position in an external file.
<DiskFile variable>.SizeReturns the size of a file (in bytes).
<DiskFile variable>.UnlockEntirely or partially unlocks an external file.
<DiskFile variable>.WriteWrites:
  • a character string into an external file.
  • a memory section.
<DiskFile variable>.WriteLineWrites a line into a text file (ANSI or UNICODE).
.OpenOpens an external file (ANSI or UNICODE) in order to handle it through programming.
CreateCreates an external file.
OpenTempFileCreates and opens a temporary file.
Minimum version required
  • Version 28
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Last update: 09/15/2023

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