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8. Optimizing an application
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WINDEV proposes several methods for optimizing your applications:
  • The performance profiler, which allows you to quickly identify time-consuming processes. You can then optimize the desired process.
Analyzing the performance of the application while a test is running, viewing the longest processes to optimize the source code.
To start the performance profiler, go to the "Project" pane, "Audit and performance" group, expand "Analyze performance" and select "Analyze performance".

  • The project Static Audit, which notes the potential programming problems (empty groups, orphan elements, etc.) as well as the large files that may require long load time.
Audit report signaling the problems found, library analysis (to detect the huge files) and analysis of setup pack.
To start the static audit, on the "Project" pane, in the "Audit and performance" group, expand "Edition audit" and select "Trigger the edition audit".

  • The Project Dynamic Audit, which will detect the loss of resources, the unprocessed errors, the application slowness in the production environment.
Analyzing the performance of the application during a test, viewing the processes containing exceptions or errors not processed properly.
To start the dynamic audit, on the "Project" pane, expand "Test mode" and select "Debug the project while the audit is enabled".
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