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Stored procedures
14. Generation modes
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In addition to Windows applications, WINDEV allows you to generate other types of projects.
Applications are the most common generation mode. The applications developed with WINDEV can target the following runtime platforms: Windows (32 or 64-bit) and Linux.
WINDEV allows you to generate services for Windows (32 or 64-bit) and Linux (in Linux, services are usually called daemons). A service is a specific type of application, started at the same time as the operating system and without an interface.
Libraries and patches
A library is a unique file that groups several elements of a WINDEV project: windows, reports, etc. You have the ability to generate stand-alone libraries that can be used by other applications as well as corrective patches for an application that is already deployed ; this allows you not to have to reinstall the full application for a minor correction.
External components
The external components are application bricks allowing you to share one or more specific features between several applications. An external component generated by WINDEV can also be used in a WEBDEV or WINDEV Mobile project.
SOAP or REST Webservices
A Webservice (also called XML Web service) can be generated from a WINDEV project. A Webservice exposes a set of functions (one or more sets of procedures) and makes them accessible via the Web (or via a private network) by using the standard HTTP, SOAP and REST communication protocols.
Remark: A Webservice must be deployed on a WEBDEV Application Server in order to be used.
Applications and .Net assembly DLLs
WINDEV allows you to generate applications and assemblies for the .Net platform of Microsoft. A .Net assembly generated by WINDEV can be imported into a .Net application developed in another language in a way similar to an external component between two WINDEV applications.
Java applications
WINDEV allows you to generate Java applications. The Java applications can be run on any computer equipped with a Java virtual machine, regardless of its operating system. This allows you to build applications that operate in Windows, Mac OS or even Solaris for example.
Windows Store Apps applications
WINDEV allows you to generate Windows Store Apps applications. These applications can be used in tile mode or they can be distributed via Windows Store.
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