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Stored procedures
6. The layouts
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Anchors are used to easily manage the change of orientation for a Mobile application or the transfer of an application from a phone to a tablet.
However, in some cases, the interface must be entirely modified: the positioning of controls must be different.
Layouts are used to define several views of a window in the same project without duplicating this window. This gives you the ability to define:
  • a specific view for portrait mode,
  • a specific view for landscape mode,
  • a view specific to the phone,
  • a view specific to the tablet, ...
To create a layout, on the "Window" pane, in the "Layouts" group, expand "Layouts" and select "Add layouts". The layout creation wizard starts and it asks you several questions in order to create the necessary number of layouts. When the different layouts are created, you have the ability to change the positioning of controls on one or more layouts in order to get the requested interface.
At runtime, the initial layout is automatically chosen according to the platform, the orientation and the size of screen. The layout is changes automatically when the device goes from portrait mode to landscape mode, for example.
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