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  • Overview
  • Installing an HFSQL server
  • HFSQL Server Setup
  • Installing a telemetry server
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Stored procedures
To use the telemetry, you must install on a computer:
  • The computer where the telemetry server is installed must be a Web server. A Web server (IIS, Apache, ...) must be installed on the computer.
  • The HFSQL server and the telemetry server can be installed on two different computers.
  • The telemetry server can be installed on a Web server that is hosting a WEBDEV application server.
  • Caution: The telemetry does not operate with the non-transparent proxies.
Versions 22 and later
Universal Windows 10 App Telemetry is now available in applications in Universal Windows 10 App mode.
New in version 22
Universal Windows 10 App Telemetry is now available in applications in Universal Windows 10 App mode.
Universal Windows 10 App Telemetry is now available in applications in Universal Windows 10 App mode.
Installing an HFSQL server

HFSQL Server Setup

The HFSQL server setup program is available in the WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile setup package. If you do not own this setup package, the HFSQL server setup can also be found in our site (http://www.windev.com).
To install the HFSQL server from the WINDEV/WINDEV Mobile setup package:
  1. Start the WINDEV/WINDEV Mobile setup program.
  2. Select "HFSQL server setup".
  3. Then, select "Install or update an HFSQL server".
  4. Accept the license agreement.
  5. Choose the platform ("For Windows on this computer").
  6. If HFSQL servers are already installed on the current computer, select "Install a new server".
  7. Select the setup directory and specify the server name and port. The port 4900 will be used by default.
  8. Specify the name and password of the user with management that will be created by default on the HFSQL server. By default, this user is "Admin" and has no password.
  9. Install (if necessary) the HFSQL Control Center if this one is not found or accessible from your computer.
  10. The wizard proposes to configure the sending of notifications in order to identify the server dysfunctions in real time. Select the desired option.
  11. The wizard proposes to enable the authentication via Active Directory. Enable this option if necessary.
  12. Validate (or not) the participation in product improvement by allowing us to collect information regarding the use of our products. This optional and anonymous collect allows PC SOFT to improve the product features.
  13. The setup is performed. By default (if you have not changed the administrator settings), to connect to the server in administrator mode, you must use the "Admin" user without a password.
    Note: For security reasons, don't forget to change the administrator password.
Installing a telemetry server
The telemetry server is a WEBDEV application server intended for the telemetry.
To install the telemetry server:
  1. Launch the setup package of the reserved server (file WX26 0PACKRSRV.exe available in the subdirectory "Install\WDServeurR" of the setup directory of WINDEV).
  2. Validate the license.
  3. Select the module to install: "Install the telemetry server (WD Analytics)".
    Install the telemetry server
    Go to the next step.
  4. Select (if necessary) the version of the reserved application server to install (32 or 64-bit). Go to the next step.
  5. Select the setup directory.
    Install the telemetry server
    Go to the next step.
  6. Specify the characteristics of the HFSQL server used for the telemetry (installed beforehand):
    Install the telemetry server
    • Name of the HFSQL server,
    • Port.
    • Name and password of administrator of HFSQL server. This information is required to automatically configure the telemetry database and the associated user.
  7. Test the connection to check your parameters.
  8. Indicate the parameters specific to the database used by the telemetry:
    • the name of database intended for the telemetry (TLM by default).
    • the name of the user who is administrator of telemetry and his password.
  9. This database and its user will be automatically created.
  10. Go to the next step.
  11. Specify the first day of the week. This information will be used to perform statistical calculations on a weekly basis.
    Install the telemetry server
  12. Validate.
  13. The wizard checks if there is a Web server on the setup computer.
    • If no Web server is installed on the setup computer, the wizard proposes to install one and to configure it in order to use the telemetry server.
    • If a Web server is found on the setup computer, the wizard proposes to configure it in order to use the telemetry server.
  14. At the end of setup, the wizard indicate the telemetry login and password. Copy and store this information. These login and password must be used to connect to the telemetry server from WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile.
    Important: The reserved server configuration settings are stored in the following file: "C:\ProgramData\WDAnalytics\WDAnalytics.default.xml"
    This file must be added to the server's backup plan. Indeed, this file will have to be restored in case of reinstallation of the server or duplication on a new physical or virtual machine with the same settings.
  15. Finish the wizard.
  • If the database name is incorrect, you can restart the setup of the telemetry server in order to specify the correct database name while keeping the identifiers.
  • A telemetry server in version 26 is compatible with Windows applications compiled with earlier versions (21, ...).
Minimum version required
  • Version 21
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