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Stored procedures
Events managed by default
WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile manage the following events by default:
EventRuntime condition
InitializingRun when the window is opened. (*)
Run when clicking the control.
This event allows you, for example, to take a picture or record a clip (and then stopping it) by clicking on the preview.
This event can only be and executed if the Camera control is in "Version-26-compatible" mode.
Executed when the user zooms in or out in the Camera control
Remark: This event is only available for Camera controls created with version 27 or later (controls with the "Version-26-compatible" option unchecked in the "General" tab of the description window).
Run when a bar code is detected by the camera.
This event is only available if bar code decoding has been configured in the "Details" tab of the control description window.
This event has the following format:
PROCEDURE DecodeBarCode(bc is BarCode)
The information read can be retrieved by the BarCode variable.

(*) By default, the "Initializing" event of each control is run according to the order in which the controls were created in the window. To modify this order of execution:
  1. On the "Window" tab, in the "Order" group, click "Initialization".
  2. In the window displayed, use the arrows on the right to modify the order in which the controls are initialized.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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