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Stored procedures
Report viewer: "Print" pane
The report viewer allows the end user to view his report before printing it.
The "Print" pane allows the user to configure the direct print on the selected printer. Then, the print can be started via the "Start the print" button.
The different options


You have the ability to select the printer to use from the list of available printers. The "Printer properties" option is used to open the configuration window of the selected printer.


Among the print settings, you have the ability to configure:
  • The print in color or in black and white.
    The print preview is performed in color, regardless of the printer capabilities and configuration. Thus, even if the default printer configured is a black and white printer, the print colors are displayed in the viewer.
    The "Color/Black and White" switch is positioned when the viewer is opened according to the printer settings:
    • if the selected printer is a "black and white" printer, the "Black and white" option is selected,
    • if the selected printer is a "color" printer, the "Color" option is selected,
    • if the selected printer is a "color" printer but if it is configured for "black and white", the "Black and white" option is selected.
    Similarly, if a new printer is selected in the report viewer, the "Color/Black and White" switch is repositioned according to the characteristics of the new printer.
    The physical printing started from the viewer is done by taking into account the "Color/Black and White" selector: the choice of the end user has priority over the printer settings.
    Any change of the "Color/Black and white" option is applied to the current preview only:
    • the printer settings are not modified,
    • the next preview will reposition the "Color/Black and white" option according to the printer settings.
  • The print in duplex mode.
    The "Duplex" option corresponds to the parameters of the printer. If these options are modified in the report viewer, only the printer setting is modified.
  • The report orientation, the paper format, ...: A combo can be displayed allowing you to choose the orientation of your report, the paper size, ...
    This combo box can appear:

Pages to print

You have the ability to choose the pages to print, the number of copies and, in case of multiple copies, whether the pages are collated or not.
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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