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  • When to use <Source>.Password?
  • Defining a password on a data file
  • Deleting the password defined on a data file
  • Managing passwords (OLE DB and Native Accesses)
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Stored procedures
Defines the password used to create or open a data file. The password is stored and it will be used when opening or creating the data file if no password is specified.
Java Access by JDBC: This function is not available for the databases accessed by JDBC.
// Open a data file with password and error check
IF Customer.CreationIfNotFound() = False THEN
Error("HFSQL error: " + HErrorInfo())
// <Source>.ErrorPassword is used to find out whether the error that occurred is a password error
IF Customer.CreationIfNotFound() = False THEN
// Error details
IF HErrorPassword() = True THEN
Error("Invalid password")
// Code to retry
<Result> = <Source>.Password([<Password>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the password is saved,
  • False if an error occurred (insufficient memory for example). HError and HErrorInfo return more details about the problem.
<Source>: Type corresponding to the specified source
Name of data file that uses a password.
If the data file is declared with <Source>.DeclareExternal, <Source> corresponds to the name of the data file alias.
<Password>: Optional character string
Password associated with the data file.
If this parameter is not specified or if it corresponds to an empty string (""), no password is defined for the data file. The password size is not limited.
HFSQL ClassicHFSQL Client/Server The password of HFSQL files is not case-sensitive.

When to use <Source>.Password?

<Source>.Password must be called:

Defining a password on a data file

A data file will be protected by password if:
Remark: A data file can be password-protected without being encrypted (and conversely). The password is independent of data encryption. The data encryption must be configured during the file description in the data model editor ("Details" tab).

Deleting the password defined on a data file

To delete a password on a data file, an automatic modification of data files must be performed.
To do so, perform a modification in the analysis (modify the size of an item for example). In this case, an automatic modification of data files will be proposed when the analysis is generated. You will be able to modify or delete the password associated with one or more data files.
If your data files are already deployed, specify that an automatic modification of data files is required when creating the setup program. The password will be deleted or modified.
Caution: don't forget to modify your code accordingly if the password defined for your data files is deleted.
WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeOLE DBNative Connectors (Native Accesses)

Managing passwords (OLE DB and Native Accesses)

The password must be specified in the parameters of the connection.
Business / UI classification: Business Logic
Component: wd290hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 07/06/2023

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