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Stored procedures
<Source>.MigrateLinkedCompositeKey (Function)
In french: <Source>.MigreCléComposéeReliée
HFSQL ClassicAvailable only with this kind of connection
Migrates the values of the linked composite keys coming from a file in Hyper File 5.5 format to the HFSQL Classic format.
When should I use this function?
The format of composite keys changed between Hyper File 5.5 and HFSQL Classic (single-user or multi-user).
Consequence: the value of the linked keys corresponding to a composite key is incorrect once the files have been migrated from Hyper File 5.5 to HFSQL Classic. <Source>.MigrateLinkedCompositeKey changes the value of the linked keys and retrieves the value of the composite key in the linked key.
Use conditions:
This function must be used:
  • with files in HFSQL Classic format (files in 5.5 format migrated to the Classic format),
  • once for each key to migrate
  • just after the migration from Hyper File 5.5 to HFSQL Classic. If records are added between the migration and the call to <Source>.MigrateLinkedCompositeKey, the values of the new records may be corrupted.
// Modify the values of Orders.CustomerCompKey
Customer.MigrateLinkedCompositeKey(CompKey, Orders, CustomerCompKey)
<Result> = <Source>.MigrateLinkedCompositeKey(<Source composite key> , <Linked file> , <Linked key> [, <Progress Bar>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the operation was performed,
  • False if a problem occurs. HError returns more details about the problem.
<Source>: Type corresponding to the specified source
Name of the source file for the link, containing the description of the composite key.
<Source composite key>: Character string
Name of the "Composite key" item used in the source file of the link.
<Linked file>: Character string
Name of the linked file containing the value of the composite key to migrate
<Linked key>: Character string
Name of the key item in the linked file. The value of this item must be migrated.
<Progress Bar>: Optional window or control name
Name of Progress Bar control or name of window used to show the migration progress.
Component: wd290hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 09/07/2023

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