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  • Binary Memo item that is using HFSQL thumbnails
  • Managing memos in SQLite
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Stored procedures
Extracts the content of a binary memo item from an HFSQL data file, from a query or from an HFSQL view into a physical file (on disk).
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Customer.ExtractMemo(Photo, "C:\temp\Photo.gif")

Extracting a memo Hide the details

<Result> = <Source>.ExtractMemo(<Memo item> [, <Destination file>])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the operation was performed,
  • False if a problem occurs. HError is used to identify the error.
<Source>: Type corresponding to the specified source
Name of data file (query of view) used.
<Memo item>: Character string
Name of the item containing the binary memo to extract.
<Destination file>: Optional character string
Path and full name of the file where the content of the item must be saved. If this parameter is not specified, the binary memo is saved in its initial path and file. The creation date and the date of last modification of this file are restored.
OLE DBNative Connectors (Native Accesses) This parameter is mandatory because the name of the source file is not saved in the OLE DB memos.
AndroidAndroid Widget PHP This parameter must necessarily be specified.
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Binary Memo item that is using HFSQL thumbnails

To extract the content of an HFSQL thumbnail from an HFSQL item, use Thumbnail.
For more details, see HFSQL thumbnails.
Native Connectors (Native Accesses)

Managing memos in SQLite

Storing information in memo format is recommended for the data whose size is less than 1 MB. We advise you to directly save the data in external file format on the internal or external memory of the phone and to store the access path to this data in the database.
Component: wd280hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 06/22/2023

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