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Stored procedures
<Source>.State (Function)
In french: <Source>.Etat
HFSQL ClassicHFSQL Client/ServerAvailable only with these kinds of connection
Used to find out the state of a record. A record can be active, crossed or deleted.
IF Customer.State() = hStateActive THEN
// Processes
<Result> = <Source>.State([<Record number>])
<Result>: Integer constant
Status of record:
hStateActiveThe record is active.
hStateCrossedThe record is crossed.
hStateDelThe record is deleted.
hStateInvalidRecord status not found (error).
<Source>: Type corresponding to the specified source
Name of the data file used.
<Record number>: Optional integer
Number of the sought record. If this number is not specified (or is equal to 0), <Source>.State will handle the current record. The current record is not read again.

Record number not specified

<Source>.State reads no record if <Record number> is not specified.
In a network application, we advise you to read the record again before the call to <Source>.State to make sure that the record was not deleted. With <Source>.Read for example:
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Data files in Hyper File 5.5 format

With the Hyper File 5 engine, the record must be read again in order for its status to be refreshed. Indeed, if the record is not read again after <Source>.Delete or <Source>.Cross, <Source>.State always returns hStateActive.
This operating mode is no longer available in the HFSQL Classic engine. Once <Source>.Delete or <Source>.Cross was used on the current record, <Source>.State returns the current record status.
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xBase files

<Source>.Delete and <Source>.Cross have the same effect: the record is crossed but it is not deleted. Therefore, the record can be re-enabled using <Source>.Modify.
In this case, <Source>.State returns the hStateCrossed constant for a deleted record (instead of hStateDel).
Component: wd300hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 25
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Last update: 11/22/2023

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